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With increasing volume year by year we sourced our own materials and started our own product development. By now our workmanship and reliability was known in the market. Up to now we specialized in upholstered furniture seating for the local market. These were made from fabric materials sourced mainly from Oversea. There was a growing demand for sofas from households and offices. But our Mr. Bossman wanted to expand it product range by taking advantage of our production skills and established distribution channels.

In 2004 banquet chairs and seating was added as the market was large enough to accommodate one more player. Seats offer a wider product range such as secretarial seating, executive, reception, waiting areas, etc. Our designs emphasize ergonomic structure, flexibility and efficiency.


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In 2010, we move to a new land with a new vision and ambition to create better seating ans upholstered sofa. In this year also when our INNOVEL brand are rapidly grow even higher. Our brand reach all states in peninsular Malaysia. And a few year after, a new brand new born specially for our high end office seating, that include a formal sofa.

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The continuous of good blessing, luck, and powerful strategies, we continue to expand our coverage, and start to invade an international market. Starting to produce and supply for nearest neighborhood country makes our spirit burning even bigger. We staring to product even higher product range and quality to meet higher international level of expectation and demand. We also starting to use better machinery, semi automatic and semi robotic machine, heat plank molding and many more.