----- STEP 1 -----


Spot the stained area. Spray the INNOVEL fabric cleaner onto the stained area in 1 feet distance. Don't over spray or it will cause your sofa smelly.

----- STEP 2 -----


Wipe gently the stain with circular motion until clean. Don't wipe to hard or it will broke and damage your fabric texture.

----- STEP 3 -----


Use regular clean water and spray it on the cleaning spot to rinse it. Don't us other chemical or it will damage the fabric. Don't over spray or it will makes your sofa smelly.

----- STEP 4 -----


Wipe the clean area with dry and clean cloth/towel to absorb the left over water.
Wipe it until half dry. Please use soft type material for this step to protect sofa surface material. Repeat the process with new
cloth/towel if needed.

----- STEP 5 -----


Let the sofa to dry in natural way. You may turn on the fan, or expose it to natural wind to dry faster. Do not use heat dryer gun or expose it to direct sunlight, it will damage the upholstered material color.